EFP PROJECT: Solar Power Systems for Rural Remote and Off Grid Areas in Pakistan.

EFP Project ID: EFP-601

Project Name
Solar Power Systems for Rural Remote and Off Grid Areas in Pakistan.
Funding Source
Grants & Donations Required
Project Area
All Provinces of Pakistan
Project Status
Approved by Advisory Board
Donor Agency
International Donor Agencies being contacted
Project Description
To help the people especially living in rural and remote areas, Energy Foundation – Pakistan has planned to promote solar power clean green energy. The solar power systems would be supplied to Households, Schools, Clinics, Hospitals& Worship places for lighting, water heating & pumping water for drinking, bathing & irrigation, and for the refrigeration equipment in hospitals for vaccines and for cellular phones communications.

Energy Foundation has a plan to supply Solar Power Home Systems to the low income families living in the remote rural & off grid areas. Solar power systems will be designed from 50W to 1kW or above for different users like households, hospitals, clinics, schools &worship places. Solar power could provide immediate viable solution for the supply of energy in rural and remote areas and for the people living in off grid areas.

The “Solar Power units & accessories for different modules will be imported from USA, Canada and Europe or China through donations/ grants from International Donor Agencies or loan from financing Institutions and will be assembled in Pakistan by providing employment to the local people.

Training will be imparted to local people, men & women to install, manage, operate and maintain the system. Mechanism has been developed for the sustainability of the project in future without any outside help. The project will provide jobs to local people especially to women in rural areas and help to reduce Female Poverty.