EFP PROJECT: Out Reach Awareness Campaign for the Use of Clean Renewable Energy in Pakistan

EFP Project ID: EFP-201

Project Name
Out Reach Awareness Campaign for the use of Clean Renewable Energy in Pakistan
Funding Source
Grants being explored from different sources
Project Area
Project Status
Approved by Advisory Board
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Project Description
Every citizen can make a positive contribution in saving the energy ( fossil foods & electricity ) and reducing the Utility Bills and Green House Gas emissions for protection of environment. Energy Foundation is launching an Out Reach & Awareness Campaign in Pakistan through seminars, print & electronic media and shall involve schools, hospitals, commercial centers, small communities businesses and religious groups for the project.

Energy Foundation experts & workers both men & women will visit schools, hospitals, community centers and worship places to educate the students & general public, how to save energy, reduce utility bills and protect the environment through:-

1. Creating awareness for energy savings.
2. Providing information regarding Insulation of buildings.
3. Promoting use of energy efficient household electricity and gas appliances.
4. Use of clean renewable energy for lighting, space heating, cooling and supply of hot water
and pumping water for drinking & irrigation.

The project will be launched initially in schools & colleges , universities in Islamabad & Rawalpindi cities besides using print & electronic Media in the country. Later on the project shall be taken up in all the big cities of Pakistan.

The project will help to save money for the consumers by reduction in gas & electricity utility bills and will save energy for the country and protect the environment by reducing Green-House Gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming & protection of environment for future generations of Pakistan.