EFP PROJECT: Institute for Energy and Climate Change

EFP Project ID: EFP-101

Project Name
Institute for Clean Energy and Climate Change
Funding Source
Energy Foundation Pakistan
Project Area
Project Status
Approved by Advisory Board
Donor Agency
Donors are being contacted
Project Description
Institute For Clean Energy and Climate Change has been planned in Lahore & Islamabad cities for local capacity building, to educate men & women for the development, operation, and management of clean renewable green energy projects for providing sustainable and affordable clean energy to the people in Pakistan and to protect the environment, through reducing Green House Gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Waring. The institute will focus on educating men & women for the promotion  development of clean renewable energy resources available in the different parts of the country such as:

1. Solar Energy
2. Hydro Power
3. Wind Power
4. Geothermal Energy
5. Biomass Energy
6. Waste to Energy

The Institute will carry out research & development (R&D) studies for different projects to promote sustainable and affordable clean energy for water, food, health & energy security and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming.

The aim of the institute is to provide international education, through collaboration with foreign Institutes & latest knowledge and training in the renewable energy and climate change sectors. It has been proposed to arrange specific training courses required for the Geothermal Power and Geothermal Heat Pumps, solar energy & other renewable energy projects, Moreover short courses for students and house wives will be arranged for energy efficiency techniques and use of energy efficient equipment and energy conservation measures.

The Institute would help to create green jobs through new business opportunities for men & women in the renewable energy sector especially in the rural & remote areas for poverty alleviation. The institute would provide technical & managerial skills so that people could manage their own clean green energy projects and plan to reduce Green House Gas emissions to protect the environment for future generations.

The institute will focus on providing clean green energy education to women for their self reliance and reducing female poverty especially in rural areas of Pakistan.