1) Promotion of Geothermal Energy Air Conditioned System for Cooling, Heating & Free Hot Water :
Energy Foundation is promoting the use Geothermal Heat Pumps for heating, cooling & supply of hot water instead of using conventional aircoditioned plants based on natural gas, oil & electricity.

Geothermal Energy is a clean environment friendly & free renewable, sustainable source which is available everywhere in Pakistan. The use of Geothermal Energy is world’s most cost effective & economical way of heating, cooling of buildings. It is a Pre-established technology approved by U.S Department of energy, U.S Environment Protection Agency Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, European Union & being used in more than 30 countries of the world.


Capital Cost of Geothermal Energy Air Conditioned System is equal or slightly above than the Conventional Central Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Maintenance Cost is 20% as compared to other AC/ HVAC Systems.

Electricity Saving: More than 50% of the existing consumption in conventional A/C Systems.

Natural Gas Saving: 100%, the system does not use any gas for Heating or Cooling.

Water Saving: 100%, the system saves 100% water as there is no cooling tower in the system.

Payback period on investment is less than 8 years, keeping in view the savings in the utility Bills of Electricity, Natural Gas & Water.

The system provides free hot water.

Protection of Environment as there are no harmful Green House Gas Emissions, and therefore, no effect on Climate Change & Global Warming.

Improvement of Indoor Air Quality: No respiratory problems like Asthma, Suffocation or Bad Odour, Depression, Fatigue, Skin & Eye Infections which are result of direct use of Natural Gas heaters in Pakistan.

The Geothermal Air- Conditioning System has more than 30 years life cycle as compared to 15-20 years life of conventional Air Conditioned Systems.

2) Prepared, Feasibility Study for the installation of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) complex, Islamabad, Pakistan, to replace natural gas based HVAC plants.

The feasibility report was prepared on complimentary basis after signing a Memo of Understanding with Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, ( PIMS ) with the approval of Government of Pakistan for the installation of geothermal heat pumps to replace existing HVAC plants being operated on natural gas . It is estimated that 6 BCF gas & 4Millions of KWH of electricity will be saved annually in addition to 35000 Tons of CO2 emissions after use of geothermal energy. Millions gallons of water will be saved which is having wasted in the cooling towers of the existing systems.

3) Installation of Geothermal Heat Pumps for Out Reach/ Awareness Program at, Lahore & Islamabad.

Energy Foundation have installed two Geothermal Heat Pumps imported from Water Furnace USA for demonstration & awareness of Government Departments & general public at Lahore the Provincial Capital of Punjab Province & the second largest city of Pakistan. The second heat pump has been installed at Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan for awareness & demonstration for different Federal Government Departments & general Public. Moreover one geothermal heat pump has been installed for Air Force Base, Peshawer, City in collaboration with Shan Geothermal Technologies as a pilot project.

4) Preliminery Study for the Installation of Geothermal Heat Pumps at President of Pakistan House, Islamabad.

Energy Foundation have prepared a preliminary study, on the request of Alternate Energy Development Board, Ministry of Power, Government of Pakistan for the installation of geothermal heat pumps at President of Pakistan House at Islamabad Capital. The existing HVAC system consists of two absorption chillers, which are operated on natural gas fired boilers, attached with a cooling tower using 5000 gallons of water every day. Energy Foundation have proposed to replace the existing HVAC system with geothermal Reversible Chillers, to save natural gas, electricity & green house gas emissions.

5) Promotion of Geothermal Energy for Power Generation in Pakistan:

Energy Foundation have carried out preliminary survey research of geothermal energy resources available in different provinces of Pakistan & prepared a report. The chairman has advised Government of Pakistan to use geothermal energy for power generation instead of coal power plants to reduce electricity shortages. The Chairman was also invited by the Geothermal Energy Association, USA & presented his paper in the International Geothermal Energy Showcase held on 22nd April in Washington, D. C. The Chairman also submitted in the US- Pakistan Strategic Energy Dialogue held in Washington D. C. in November, 2013 that geothermal power is the best option for Pakistan as compared to coal based power plants which would further deteriorate our economy besides degrading our environment.

The Chairman Energy Foundation has presented his research on geothermal energy potential of Pakistan in the technical session of The Annual Meeting of The Geothermal Resource Council held in Portland, Oregon state, USA which has been published according to this research 100,000 MW of electricity for heat could be produced from geothermal energy resources of Pakistan.