EFP PROJECT: Biogas Energy for Rural Communities in Pakistan Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels and Protection of Environment.

EFP Project ID: EFP-401

Project Name
Biogas Energy for Rural Communities in Pakistan for Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels and Protection of Environment.
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Project Area
Rural Areas of Pakistan
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Approved by Advisory Board
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Project Description
The rural population of Pakistan is more than one hundred millions who depend upon buffaloes, cows, sheep and goat as a source of milk, butter and meat. After agriculture, it is the main source of livelihood for rural population in Pakistan. However, the animal dung is the major source of methane or biogas which is produced after decomposition in the open areas and is contributing in the Global Warming. The biogas can be used in the rural areas for cooking, heating, electricity generation, and pumping water for drinking & irrigation. Moreover the burning of buffalo/cow dung for domestic cooling creates many environmental problems, skin, eyes and respiratory diseases is the women in the rural areas.

The animal dung, poultry litter, crops, vegetables, fruit and food waste can be used to produce methane/biogas through anaerobic digesters. The methane content in the biogas is about 65% and contains about 600 BTU of energy per cubic feet. The solids can be used as a fertilizer & could replace imported fertilizer. It is estimated that the waste produced by three buffaloes/cows can supply gas for cooking purposes for one family per day. The rural areas in Pakistan have little or no access to energy which is the main cause of their underdevelopment. The use of animal and poultry waste through installation of anaerobic digesters/biogas plants can help the rural population for poverty alleviation and reduction in Green-House Gas emissions, to counter Global Warming & Climate Change. Moreover, it will reduce the dependence on natural gas, kerosine oil being supplied to rural areas for cooking.

Energy Foundation Pakistan has planned to promote the installation of 50000 Biogas plants / anaerobic bio-digesters in the rural areas of all the provinces of the country. These biogas plants could be installed from 5 cubic meters per day to 500 cubic meters per day capacity, depending upon the availability of animal waste in different areas, from a single household or for smaller communities in the villages in Pakistan.

Biogas could be a major source of renewable or alternate clean source of energy in Pakistan and could save millions of dollars which are presently being used to import fossil fuels to generate thermal power in Pakistan. Moreover, it would help in the sustainable, reliable and affordable clean energy supply to the rural population. The promotion of clean bio gas will result in saving of our indigenous natural resources like natural gas & forests which are being used for cooking, water & space heating in the rural areas.