Energy Foundation-Pakistan has been setup for energy conservation & efficiency technologies and promotion of clean renewable green energy resources to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to the people, for socio-economic development and to reduce Green-House Gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming. The Foundation is mainly focusing on the promotion of clean green energy projects in rural, remote & off grid areas for energy water, food & health security for poverty alleviation and protection of environment.


70% of the total population of Pakistan lives in the rural or remote areas, which are underdeveloped and have no or little access to energy which is the basic cause of their poverty. Host of rural population lives in a worst environment, where there is no clean drinking water, no sewerage facilities, no education, and no health care facilities no reliable food supplies. In most of the villages sewage water is collected in a pond which is used as a swimming pool for cattle & children and is mainly source of drinking water for cattle. The dangerous diseases like tuberculoses, hepatitis, drugs addiction, typhoid, HIV, gastroenteritis, skin, eye problems are multiplying in rural areas with no immediate solution in the near future. Clean environment and availability of clean affordable energy is the answer to many of the problems in the underdeveloped, rural, remote and resource poor areas of Pakistan and also in the third world countries.


Energy Foundation is providing assistance in the rural & remote areas which are not connected with the electricity grid to convert the available waste like, crop, vegetable & fruit waste, chicken waste, animal dung, sewage water into energy. Moreover, wind power, solar power, hydro-power, and geothermal energy are renewable energy sources which are being promoted depending on the availability in different areas of Pakistan. It would provide them reliable, affordable & sustainable clean energy and also help in the poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, energy, water, food & health security and a clean environment through reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions. With the development of clean renewable energy resources we can reduce the poverty to improve the living standards of rural population men & women through increased income by providing following benefits through various projects which have been planned & will be implemented by the Energy Foundation – Pakistan:

about-img-161. Affordable, sustainable, reliable, clean green, energy for poverty alleviation, agricultural development, water, food, health, and energy Security and socio-economic development.

2. Reduction in GHG emissions to counter Climate Change & Global Warming

3. A clean environment for the elimination of diseases like hepatitis, typhoid, gastroenteritis, HIV, tuberculosis, skin or eye infections for health security.

4. Availability of Clean & safe drinking water for people, cattle, animals & agriculture for health & food security.

5. Availability of clean green energy for lighting, cooking, space heating, & pumping water for drinking, irrigation and operation of agricultural machinery.

6. New business opportunities for the management of clean green energy operations and new businesses like poultry, fish, sheep & cattle farms, greenhouses for vegetables, herbal & floriculture and preservation of vegetables & fruits for sustainable socioeconomic development of the people living in underdeveloped rural, remote, tribal and hilly areas.

7. Availability of bio fertilizer for agriculture.

8. Increased agricultural production for food security.

9. Skills development for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for local capacity building

10. Reducing unemployment & Female Poverty through generation of Green jobs in Clean Energy Projects.