enercrises-imgPakistan has been facing serious energy shortages for the last many years. The present shortage of electricity is 5000 MW during peak hours. Electricity shutdowns range anywhere from 8 to 20 hours per day in different parts of the country. The low energy supplies have resulted in closure of businesses and industries, increasing unemployment in the country, with an increase in desperation and unrest among labor. Industrial and agricultural production has decreased due to non availability of electricity, leading to shortages of basic living needs including food. People are protesting and also resort to violence in different cities against the electricity shutdowns. The energy crises in Pakistan are increasing unemployment, violence & green house gas emissions due to burning of tires during demonstration.


enercrises-img1PAKISTAN COULD SOLVE ENERGY CRISES & reduce energy shortages through use of clean renewable energy resources, especially, geothermal, solar, wind & hydropower. Pakistan has large potential to develop geothermal energy resources for power generation and for cooling & heating/ air-conditioning and supply of hot water and through direct applications for various industries. The geothermal energy is available in all the provinces. However government of Pakistan is promoting coal power plants based on imported coal to reduce electricity shortages and following power plants have been planned.

Planned Power Projects to Reduce Energy Shortages in Pakistan by Public & Private Sectors:

Coal Power Plants

Punjab Province
Punjab Province (Public) 1320 MW each site 5 sites
Total 6600 MW
Sindh Province
Karachi Electric Supply Company (Public) 600 MW
HUBCO (IPP- Private) 600 MW
Jamshoro Electric Supply (Public) 600 MW
(Financed by ADB)
Engro Thar Coal Power (Private) 600 MW

Nuclear Power Plants (Total)

(Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) 42000 MW (by-2050)
about-img-13Solar Park in Punjab Province

Government of Punjab Province have designated an area in southern Punjab near Bahawalpur city known as Quaid-i-Azam Solar Park where Solar Power Projects of 1000 MW will be installed in future. 100MV of Solar project has already been installed by the Punjab government in the Solar Park. Moreover various Solar Companies are installing PV projects for domestic & commercial users in different parts of Pakistan.

Micro Hydropower Projects in KPK Province

Government of KPK province have started a program to install 300 micro hydro power projects in the hilly areas at different locations to provide electricity in the off grid & remote areas.