about-img-9Pakistan has a total power generation capacity of 23011 MW, the hydropower installed capacity is 6556 MW, public sector thermal power plants produce 7110 MW, and private Power plants have 8353 MW capacity. The nuclear generation capacity is 787 MW. While one coal power plant has only 50 MW capacity, wind power is 100 MW capacity and total solar power in the country, based on different PV projects is about 50 MW. Pakistan’s energy requirement is growing rapidly due to increase in population and high energy intensive industrial sector. The current (2015) gap between demand & supply is 4500 MW during peak times. Electricity shut down are fro 8 hours to 20 hours in different parts of country.

The composition of energy mix is as under ?
Natural Gas 48.20%
Oil 32.50%
Hydro Electricity 11.00%
Coal 6.00%
Nuclear 1.70%
LPG 0.60%
The sector-wise share of energy consumption in Pakistan is given below ?
House hold 25.20%
Industrial 35.40%
Agricultural 1.80%
Commercial 4.10%
Government 2.00%
Transport 31.50%

Our 70% population in rural areas, have no or little access to electricity, which is the major cause of poverty and underdevelopment in Pakistan. Biomass energy accounts for more than 80% of the total energy consumption in the rural & remote areas. People in general use forest wood, agriculture waste and animal dung in rural areas for cooking and space heating and as a fuel in small businesses.