The technical activities of the Energy Foundation – Pakistan are being planned and monitored by an Advisory Board consisting of different experts related to renewable energy projects. The meetings of the Board are held frequently to review the progress of the Foundation.

Dr. Atique Mufti

Dr. Mufti had setup National Institute of Silicon technology in Pakistan with the technical & financial assistance of United Nations and produced solar cell on commercial basis first time in Pakistan.
He was Director General of the Silicon Institute under Ministry of Science & Technology Government of Pakistan for eleven years. He received International award “Man of the Year in Silicon Technology” in 1993.
Dr. Mufti has more than 45 years of experience in the development of Solar Technology and promotion of renewable energy sources. He was also instrumental in setting up of prestigious scientific institutes in Pakistan.
Dr. Mufti has received M.Sc. from Punjab University and later from McMasters University Canada and PhD from Imperial College, London, UK. He also received training from Italy, USA, and Max Planck Institute of Germany. He has to his credit about 100 published scientific articles & seven scientific books and many Radio & Television Talks / Interviews. He is an active social worker and has established few welfare Organizations in Pakistan.

Dr. Rashed Ul Qayyum

Dr. Rashed is an international expert on Agriculture, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction. He was Project Advisor/Senior Agriculture Specialist with World Bank Mission in Pakistan for 21 years. He has more than 40 years experience as Agricultural Economist, Rural Development & Poverty Reduction Specialist and as Senior Consultant/Team Leader in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan & other countries.
Dr. Rashed received his PhD & MBA from University of Philippines in 1974. He has undertaken numerous professional training courses from different countries. He is a member of different professional societies.

Dr. Parvez Akhtar

Dr. Parvez Akhter did his PhD from Sussex University, U.K and post-doctorate research in UK, USA, Italy, and Belgium; and has 36 years experience of R&D in the fields of Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, Solar cell fabrication, and Silicon Technology.
Dr. Akhter is among the pioneers who introduced and developed Photovoltaic technology in Pakistan; to start small scale production of photovoltaic cells and modules; and to initiate research through establishment of new facilities in different fields of renewable energy technologies.
He headed, for more than 11 years, different R&D organizations including National Institute of Silicon Technology (NIST) and retired as Director General Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) under Ministry of Science & Technology. He has supervised internationally funded joint research projects and has 36 publications in international journals and has organized 17 international / national research workshops / conferences including World Solar Summit-1996.

Dr. Muhammad Nazir Mughal

Dr Muhammad Nazir Mughal has more than 45 years professional experience in the field of Biotechnology. He has designed, prepared feasibility studies and supervised the construction of many biogas plants of different sizes in the country. He was retired as Principal Scientific Officer in Biotechnology Section after 36 years of research e xperience in the Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research Laboratories, Lahore.
Dr Mughal is author of dozens of technical research papers & feasibility studies and publications. He has also number of patents to his credits. Currently he is advising Energy Foundation – Pakistan on the development of Biogas and Biomass energy projects for rural areas as a substitute for natural gas in Pakistan.
Dr Nazir Mughal obtained M.Sc in Organic Chemistry and later Ph.D in Bio-Chemistry from University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Alam

Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Alam has more than 43 years professional experience in exploration & development of coal, minerals, oil & gas resources of Pakistan. He worked in the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources for 34 years and retired as Director General.
Mr. Alam received MSc. in geology from University of Punjab in 1966 and Post Graduate qualification from Holland, USA & Australia in coal geology & mining. He was project Director of Coal Evaluation Project in Salt Range, Punjab Province and Thar Coal Exploration Project Sind Province, Pakistan. He has more than 35 publications to his credit.
He is a member of various professional associations. He is a founder member of Energy Foundation Pakistan and Director RDC International an oil & gas exploration & Development Company of Pakistan. He has a clean interest to develop clean renewable energy resources of Pakistan, especially geothermal energy to reduce energy shortage in Pakistan.

Mirza Talib Hussain

Mirza Talib Hussain is a professional geologist with specialization in coal geology & utilization and has almost 40 years professional experience working on important positions in Pakistan. He served Geological Survey of Pakistan for more than 34 y ears and retired as Director General.
He was incharge of Sind Coal exploration & Development Project. He has attended various international conferences & seminars for the development of minerals and coal in Pakistan & foreign countries. He has been associated with the development of Thar Coal Deposits for power generation and is working as advisor to Government of Sind.
He received MSc. in Economic geology & Post Graduate Diploma in coal geology from Southern Illinois University, USA. He is a member of various professional institutes. He represented Pakistan in many international conference / workshop in USA, Australia, Japan, Thailand and Iran besides visiting many other countries.

Dr. Sadaqat Hayat Hanjra

Dr. Sadaqat is a PhD in Livestock Management from University of Agriculture (Faisalabad) Pakistan. He also obtained MSc. in Dairy Production from American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and BSc. Animal Husbandry from Collage of Animal Husbandry Lahore Pakistan.
Dr. Sadaqat has more than forty five years experience in livestock Management in Pakistan. He has worked as a Consultant / Advisor with Provincial and Federal governments under FAO, USAID, ADB, UNDP, & World Bank. He is advising Energy Foundation in the development of livestock in rural areas through promotion of renewable energy from cattle waste/dung.

Engr. Dr. Asim Mumtaz

Dr. Asim has over 10 years experience in microelectronics and solar photovoltaic’s research. He has interests in sustainable development of Renewable Energy Resources and has been involved in the implementation of a number of solar and wind energy projects in many African countries. Asim holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.
He is the key expert in the patented “Enecsys Technology” which provides several key advantages over existing systems specially ease & cost of installation, reliability and improved system efficiency giving faster pay back on capital costs as compared to current systems. He is also contributor of “Future Electricity Technologies and Systems” published by University of Cambridge-UK.

Prof. Zahid Baig Mirza

Professor Mirza is a Biodiversity Specialist and Environmentalist with more than 50 years of experience. He has been very active in launching environment awareness programs in print & electronic media to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to counter climate change and global warming.
He is author of many technical books, research publications, and ‘environment awareness & education’ books. He has practically contributed in setting up of seven Natural Historic Museums in Pakistan & abroad. He has been involved in post graduate teaching and supervised research work for PhD, M-Phil, & M. Sc. Scholars. He has been decorated both nationally & internationally for his contributions in the field of Environmental Protection.

Engr. Ehtesham Malik

Mr. Malik has over 20 years of international experience in design, implementation, finance, investment and business development in engineering sector. He has 12 years of experience in renewable energy sector, with a focus on mini hydle power, solar and wind energy projects. He was involved in the development of Pakistan’s first private Hydro Power Project, which is also the first hydro CDM Project in the country. He holds BSc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering, NWFP – Pakistan and Masters of Energy from UK.

Mr. Mushtaq Hussain

Mushtaq Hussain has received M.Sc in Chemistry from Peshawar University, Pakistan. He has more than 45 years professional experience in geo-chemical exploration in Nigeria & Pakistan. He retired as Director General Geological Surveys of Pakistan, under Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Government of Pakistan.
He has supervised many minerals, coal, oil and gas exploration projects in different part of Pakistan. He has great devotion to develop renewable energy sources of Pakistan. He is author of dozens of technical reports papers.

Ms. S. Tariq

Ms.Tariq is an Environment Consultant & Climate Change Activist. Ms. Tariq is studying Environment Policy & Management in Bahria University Islamabad. She is also carrying out Research on the Gas Fired Air Conditioned System operating at Bahria University and its comparison with Geothermal Heat Pump and their impact on Environment & Economy. This is the first Research Project ever undertaken by any university in Pakistan.