1. To support and to advocate the promotion of national policies by the government of Pakistan for the sustainable development of clean renewable energy resources and the use of energy conservation & efficiency technologies for water, food & energy security and reducing GHG emissions to counter Climate Change & Global Warming.

2. To educate and train general public through Out Reach publicity campaigns via print & electronic media, educational programs and seminars about the benefits of energy conservation, & improving energy efficiency and use of clean renewable energy for solving energy shortage problems and reducing dependence on fossil fuels for sustainable economic development and protection of environment.

3. To advice government, commercial & industrial organizations regarding energy efficiency and clean renewable energy solutions to cut their energy costs, reduce their Green House Gas emissions and to save energy for the country.

4. To promote, support & educate rural communities for the development of new business projects through use of clean renewable energy sources for reliable and affordable energy for poverty alleviation, water, food, energy security & sustainable economic development.

5. To coordinate with other Foundations in the world for promoting Climate Change policies, exchange of information in the field of energy efficiency and clean renewable energy technologies for reduction in Green House Gas emissions to protect the environment and to counter Climate Change and Global Warming.

6. To support and coordinate clean renewable energy related research and development studies with national & international organizations for the establishment of pilot projects for reliable & affordable energy and to develop new business opportunities for the socioeconomic benefit of the general public in Pakistan and other developing countries.

about-img-67. To assist and educate the general public especially in rural areas in the waste management of all types like bio waste, city solid waste, sewage waste problems for protection of environment and to provide solutions for waste to energy & biomass production and availability of reliable and affordable energy for agriculture development, for water food security and poverty reduction.

Our Vision: Clean Energy is our Future
Our Mission: Clean Green Energy for Prosperity, Environment Protection, Water, Food & Energy Security
Join our struggle For
A Clean Energy Revolution Through
  • Development for Clean Renewable Energy Resources of Pakistan
  • Affordable & Sustainable Clean Energy for all
  • Reducing Energy Shortages
  • Reducing Cost of Energy Production
  • Reducing Energy (electricity & gas) Utility Bills
  • Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels (oil, gas & coal)
  • Reducing Female Poverty through Green Jobs
  • Reducing unemployment through Continuous Operation of Industries
  • Reducing Green House Gas Emissions,
  • Reading Climate Change & Global Warming,
  • Protection of Environment for,
  • Clean Energy & Clean Environment for Our Future Generations
Javed Ahmad
Founder/ Chairman
Energy Foundation, Pakistan