about-img-4Energy is the basic necessity and very important for the human survival. Without energy we cannot provide food, clean drinking water, health care, education, transportation, comforts of life to our people, and fight against poverty for achieving prosperity.

The Foundation hopes that with the multi-cultural technical cooperation between all the countries, it is possible to develop clean renewable energy resources to solve the energy crises for poverty alleviation and help the people not only in our country but also to the people in need in other developing countries.

Energy Foundation – Pakistan is collaborating as far as possible with all nonprofit organizations in the world for transfer of knowledge of resources for energy conservation, efficiency, and development of clean renewable energy for sustainable economic development and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming for our future generations.

The Founding Chairman’s struggle for promotion of environment friendly, clean renewable, sustainable and affordable energy for all the people in Pakistan will also help other nations of developing countries for achieving Prosperity through availability of affordable Energy.