about-img-1Energy Foundation-Pakistan has been setup as a nonprofit organization to promote energy conservation & efficiency technologies and development of clean renewable energy resources to support the Government efforts and policies for energy security and protection of environment.

Our Mission is to promote energy conservation and efficiency technologies and development of clean renewable energy resources for energy security, independence and self reliance to provide sustainable, affordable energy to our people for prosperity, economic growth and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming.

The Foundation is also focusing on communities living in rural and remote areas like deserts, tribal and high mountain areas which have no or little access to energy and have no electricity, no safe drinking water, no education, no health care facilities, no reliable energy source for heating cooling and cooking, no clean environment, no proper houses to live in extreme weather conditions, no secure food supplies for the people and their cattle, and are living below poverty line because of non availability of energy. about-img-2The Foundation is also concentrating on socially deprived minorities and communities living in resource poor rural, slum or isolated remote areas of the country.

The Foundation is providing educational and training programs for Institutional Development and Capacity Building for energy efficiency and development of clean renewable energy business opportunities especially in rural areas and for reducing female poverty.

The operations of the Foundation are managed by the Chairman with the help of Board of Directors. The technical activities of the Foundation are supervised and monitored by an Advisory Board which consists of representatives having extensive experience in clean renewable energy and related fields.

Energy Foundation welcomes the innovative ideas for energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources, that can bring energy self reliance, independence, sustainability and affordable energy for the people of Pakistan.