A geothermic power station

Energy Foundation-Pakistan is a nonprofit, independent organization dedicated for the promotion of energy conservation, efficiency technologies and development of clean renewable energy sources to meet the growing energy demand in Pakistan and protection of environment.

The Foundation has been setup by its Chairman Mr. Javed Ahmad to help the people in Pakistan and other Third World countries who are starving for energy, to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable clean renewable energy for their socio-economic development. The Foundation has been supported by the Founder himself.

A geothermic power station

The Foundation is working for the promotion of energy conservation and efficiency technologies and development of clean and alternate energy resources like, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biogas, Hydro Power, Bio mass, Municipal waste, including Solid waste & Sewage water which are abundantly available in Pakistan, for increasing energy security, independence, self reliance, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels for sustainable economic development and reducing carbon emissions to counter Climate Change and Global Warming.


Clean Green Energy is our Future.


Clean Green Energy for Prosperity, Environment Protection, Water, Food & Energy Security.